Owners’ Association Law

The Kirkman Whitford Law Firm has over 35 years experience in representing owners’ associations of various sizes and types.  We represent many condominium, townhouse, and traditional subdivision associations including some of the largest in Carteret County.  We have extensive experience working with the Unit Ownership Act, the North Carolina Condominium Act, the Planned Community Act, and a multitude of declarations for multiple and single family projects and by-laws of various associations.  With our familiarity with association law, we also occasionally represent owners or groups of owners.  Our services include:

Association Operations:

  • Advice to officers and boards of directors
  • Documentation review and updates
  • Dealing with “difficult” owners
  • Dues collection including filing liens.
  • General operation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Sewage treatment issues
  • Damage to property issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Annual membership meetings
  • Building repairs
  • Association financing

Association Litigation:

  • Owner compliance with documentation through litigation
  • Defense of associations and/or owners from personal injury and property damage claims
  • Dues collection through lien foreclosures and law suits
  • Association compliance with documentation through litigation
  • Construction defects
  • Breach of contract actions

Experienced Association Lawyers work for you!To schedule an appointment with an association attorney in our Morehead City office call us at 252-726-8411 or contact us online.